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United league of arakan

About Us

The United League of Arakan is a political organization struggling for

the liberation of the entire oppressed population of Arakan from the yoke of Burmese fascism and imperialism, equal rights, self-determination and freedom for the multi-ethnic Arakanese population, the restoration of the loss of national sovereignty and political freedom in Arakan, and the emergence of a dignified, new Arakanese society.

Our organization is committed to complying with the principles and rules adopted by our ancestors as the sovereign Kingdom of Arakan was a plural society where multi-ethnic and religious were living in harmony and peace.

Our Principles

The struggle for national liberation and the restoration of Arakan's soverignty to the people of Arakan is our legitimate resistance in accordance with our natural and historic rights.

Equal Rights

Our organization was founded based upon national goals for national equality in compatible with three periods of past, present and future.

National Self-determination

In line with international humanitarian laws, we are going to decide our own lives for ourselves.

Social justice

Social justice for multi-ethnic peoples in Arakan is one of the main principles our organization has adopted.

"My personal dream is to see our national flag at the Olympic Games and to hear our national anthem sung."

Our Activities

Revolution We Launch!

The ULA/AA is a member of Three Brotherhood Alliance fighting for political freedom for the oppressed peoples.

The Arakan Army is our ULA’s military wing engaging in clashes with the Burmese invading forces that are killing civilians of Arakan.

The ULA/AA is also a founding member of Federal Political Negotiation and Consultative Committee.

We are going to throw off the shackles of Burmese fascism and colonialism in Arakan.